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Thursday, 15 September 2016

I've Been There.

4:00 AM. It can't be. I rub my eyes and looked again… 4:00 AM. Every day for the past week, I've been naturally waking up at 4:00 AM unable to go back to sleep. As I reflected in the darkness, I realized that what has been keeping me up at night is thinking about what is keeping you up at night. You see, I've been there.

You dream for your family, you dip your feet in the water, unsure about the risk. I've been there. You walk a little further, go a little deeper, and realize you can actually swim. The wind blew, the waves grew, you almost drowned. I've been there. But you didn't give up, because you dream for your family.

You wish to travel the world and someday bring your family around the world. You risk everything you can so that you can create a very different future for the ones you love. You're willing to lose everything, and you have. I've been there. The finances run dry and so does the love that once flowed freely in your relationship. But you hang on… it's dark, but you hang on believing that God created you for a purpose greater than yourself. You hang on, sometimes by a thread, knowing that there is more to life, there's got to be more to life. You just want to make a difference, is that so bad?

If I told you how the story ends, would you hang on another day? Sometimes, having your final day sounds easier than going through another day. I've been there.

But… It gets better, not easier, but better. How do I know? I am there.